Yevginey Sevlik and others at Data Center Knowledge shift roles

The data center industry has seen changes and the media world shifts as well.  Recent LinkedIn updates show DatacenterKnowledge has a new editor in chief.


Yevgeniy Sverdlik has a new job.
Now Editor in Chief at Data Center Knowledge.
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Rich Miller has a new job.
Now Editor at Large at Data Center Knowledge.
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Matt Stansberry used to work for Tech Target, and is now with Uptime.

Kevin Heslin used to work for Mission Critical, and is now with Uptime.

DatacenterKnowledge is part of the iNet Interactive company which includes AFCOM and Data Center World.



AFCOM is the leading association supporting the educational and professional development needs of data center professionals around the globe. Established in 1980, AFCOM currently boasts more than 4,500 member data centers and 40 chapters worldwide, and provides data center professionals with unique networking opportunities and educational forums and resources through its bi-annual Data Center World Conferences, published magazines, regional chapters, research and hotline services, and industry alliances.


Date Center Knowledge

Since 2005, Data Center Knowledge has provided senior IT and operations professionals, who build and manage data centers, daily news and analysis about the industry. It covers the latest developments and trends driving the powerful growth in demand for mission-critical facilities, the challenges and opportunities presented by high-density computing and its impact on power and cooling, and the evolution of the industry to include cloud computing and modular data centers.




Data Center World

Data Center World, operated by AFCOM, is the industry’s premier networking and educational conference. Thousands of data center and facility management professionals, from many of the largest corporations, government organizations, and academic institutions in the world attend Data Center World to share, discuss and learn about the latest data center products, trends, technologies, and best practices.

 Uptime Institute has research, publications, and events.  Uptime is owned by 451 Group.

Gartner has its research, publications and events.

The big three in data center media are iNet Interactive vs. 451/Uptime vs. Gartner competing for advertisers dollars who spend money on publications, research, and events.