Video Cameras Enable Policing the Police Force, Changing the Enforcement Game

Arstechnica posts on London deploying video cameras in some of its workforce.


London police will soon wear video cameras

Manufacturer says cameras are a "game changer," cops not so excited.

Taser is behind the video cameras.

Taser has indicated that London's test is the largest such urban pilot anywhere in the world. Two response teams on each borough will be suited with such cameras when answering emergency 999 calls during the pilot. The findings of the pilot will be used to determine future implementation of such technologies.

"Our Axon body-worn cameras are a game changer for law enforcement agencies worldwide and are helping police officers reduce crime and build safer communities,” Jeff Kukowski, Taser International’s chief operating officer, told Ars. “When you look at community safety today, there are any number of scenarios where there is controversy. Video helps pool together what happens."