A Drone's view, seeing Fireworks from an immersive view

This Fireworks video has gone viral with over 7 mil views.  Note this is not a 4th of July posting as it went up on May 13, 2014.

One of the cool features of the DSLRPro Drones is a FLIR option.

Cameras are typically not allowed in a data center, but with the growth in drones it seems like a good idea to try to integrate into operations.



Data Center spying with Drones in NC is about to illegal, can you shoot a spy drone?

There have been helicopter views of Apple data centers in Maiden NC that have gone viral.  Facebook and Google are also in NC.  A helicopter can only get so close before there are restrictions and safety issues.  If you were thinking you could take a drone with you and throw it up over the fence to spy on a data center, don’t be surprised if it gets shot down by a drone hunter.

Gigaom’s Barb Darrow posts on the new NC legislation on drones being illegal for hunting or fishing.

Going huntin’ or fishin’ in North Carolina? Leave your drone at home


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North Carolina legislators are poised to approve a law that restricts the use of unmanned aerial vehicles to help hunters and fishermen find their prey.

If North Carolinians want to bag some game they’ll have to do so the old fashioned way, without help from an unmanned aerial vehicle (a.k.a., a drone) if new legislation passes in the state legislature. The state’s lower house recently unanimously passeda bill outlawing the use of drones for hunting and fishing and the state Senate is about to vote on it.

What I am curious is whether it is legal to shoot a drone since they are illegal for hunting or fishing?  How do you document an infraction?

Disclosure: I do freelance for gigaom research and know barb darrow.

Video Cameras Enable Policing the Police Force, Changing the Enforcement Game

Arstechnica posts on London deploying video cameras in some of its workforce.


London police will soon wear video cameras

Manufacturer says cameras are a "game changer," cops not so excited.

Taser is behind the video cameras.

Taser has indicated that London's test is the largest such urban pilot anywhere in the world. Two response teams on each borough will be suited with such cameras when answering emergency 999 calls during the pilot. The findings of the pilot will be used to determine future implementation of such technologies.

"Our Axon body-worn cameras are a game changer for law enforcement agencies worldwide and are helping police officers reduce crime and build safer communities,” Jeff Kukowski, Taser International’s chief operating officer, told Ars. “When you look at community safety today, there are any number of scenarios where there is controversy. Video helps pool together what happens."

Oops, data over load from drone images and video, leads to cutting back on the # of drones

MSNBC has an article on the information overload from drones.

Drones inflicting information overload on Air Force

Lt. Col.. Leslie Pratt / AP

A photo provided by the U.S. Air Force shows a MQ-9 Reaper during a combat mission over southern Afghanistan.

The Air Force has such a glut of data – photos and videos and such – captured by its fleet of drone aircraft that it can’t keep up with analyzing the information, Air Force Secretary Michael Donley said Thursday.

Note the problem is not just the storage, but the people who can analyze the information.

Because of the lack people and machinery to make sense of the information, the Air Force will cut back on how many of the drone aircraft it buys, Donley told a group of defense writers in Washington. National Defense magazine was among the publications attending the interview.

"We’ve clearly playing catch-up," Donley said, according to Wired magazine's account of the interview. "It’s not just the pilots and manning the aircraft. It’s also the [data] processing exploitation behind that …. We’re collecting data at rates well above what we had in the past."

This could be a future trend for others who don't think through the issues of what to do with the data they collect.

Canon S100 - Shoots RAW, GPS, great lens, and extremely mobile

Over 10 years ago I started shooting RAW Images and worked with others that GPS data would be useful.  I wrote about this story here.

Story of Adobe & Apple High-Value Digital Image Applications, Adobe's angst developing for the iPad, and how Microsoft missed this battle

I have a iPhone 4S and it goes with me everywhere, has GPS, but 8MP jpg with then small lens is not high enough quality.  Some of my friends and I want to build a product for the data center market and we need a great lens with high resolution.  So, I just got my Canon S100 with 12 megapixel, GPS, great lens and a bunch of other great features.


Much better than my first RAW camera.


And, my other RAW camera a Canon 7D.