Seattle is the Cloudy City, Oracle joins, HP, Amazon, & Microsoft for Centers of Cloud Development

Today the weather shows clouds.


This is what the clouds look like now at 5:38a.  See those little strands of clouds?  Today is partially cloudy.


This morning I saw that Oracle is starting its Cloud Development Group in Seattle.



We're landing in Seattle. 
Oracle is building the next great cloud computing environment, from the ground up. We’re committed to building the best high-scale, cost competitive, multi-tenant cloud where the Fortune 1000 will run their businesses.
If you’re a rock star engineer and want to build cutting edge, innovative new services, come join us.
We are building a team of the very best software engineers with expertise and passion for distributed systems, virtualized infrastructure and highly available services.
Our aim? To provide our customers with best in class compute, storage, networking, database, security, and an ever expanding set of foundational cloud-based services.


Thanks to Amazon starting AWS, and Microsoft joining in there a large concentration of cloud talent to raid to start up a cloud development group.  HP recruited Bill Hilf from Microsoft.

Bill Hilf — who also served as general manager of Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud service — left Microsoft for HP this summer, and now serves as HP’s ‎vice president of converged cloud products and services. That means he oversees strategy not only for the HP cloud service — a direct competitor toWindows Azure and the leader in the cloud game, Amazon Web Services — but also for the HP software and hardware tools that let businesses build private cloud-like services in their own data centers. 

With Oracle and others looking to start-up cloud efforts, Seattle is one of the first choices to start development groups.  It is bit ironic that one of the most famous cities being Cloudy is the center of Cloud Software Development.