Data Center spying with Drones in NC is about to illegal, can you shoot a spy drone?

There have been helicopter views of Apple data centers in Maiden NC that have gone viral.  Facebook and Google are also in NC.  A helicopter can only get so close before there are restrictions and safety issues.  If you were thinking you could take a drone with you and throw it up over the fence to spy on a data center, don’t be surprised if it gets shot down by a drone hunter.

Gigaom’s Barb Darrow posts on the new NC legislation on drones being illegal for hunting or fishing.

Going huntin’ or fishin’ in North Carolina? Leave your drone at home


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North Carolina legislators are poised to approve a law that restricts the use of unmanned aerial vehicles to help hunters and fishermen find their prey.

If North Carolinians want to bag some game they’ll have to do so the old fashioned way, without help from an unmanned aerial vehicle (a.k.a., a drone) if new legislation passes in the state legislature. The state’s lower house recently unanimously passeda bill outlawing the use of drones for hunting and fishing and the state Senate is about to vote on it.

What I am curious is whether it is legal to shoot a drone since they are illegal for hunting or fishing?  How do you document an infraction?

Disclosure: I do freelance for gigaom research and know barb darrow.