Got my Apple Watch, Apr 30, Day 1

I ordered my Apple Watch at 12:05a on Apr 10th.  Luckily I was in Japan so making the transaction at 4:05p on Apr 11 was much more convenient than staying up to 12:05a PT.

I decided to get the Apple Watch as a family test.  My daughter can try it out.  My son is ready as well.

To allow the three of us to share the watch I needed an easy way to set up the watch for each of us, then wipe it clean and restore.  Turns out you can do this by unpairing the watch.

Your iPhone will create a new backup of your Apple Watch before erasing all content and settings on your Apple Watch. You can use the backup to restore a new Apple Watch. After your Apple Watch unpairs, you'll see the Start Pairing message.

So far I like the watch camera app to allow controlling iPhone camera.  e-mail and SMS messages are a quick look on the wrist.

My daughter gets in Apple Watch tomorrow to go to school and see how it works.  One other kid has an Apple Watch.  She wore it tonight going out to dinner and her friend wants one.  Will be interesting to see how kids react to the watch.  Kids tend to be more adaptable with new devices. 

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