Day 2 - Apple Family Watch - Daughter takes it to school

Sharing the with watch between myself, my daughter (13), and son (11) is done by unpairing from the iPhone, then pairing (restore from backup) to another phone.  It takes a few minutes to unpair as the Apple Watch is wiped clean and reboots.  Then another few minutes to pair to another person's phone.  I doubt many other people would do this, but I bought the Apple Watch to see how my kids and I would use it.  I could have bought 3 Apple Watches, but that would just be over the top.  Share the watch let's each of us try and it and see what they like and don't like.

My Daughter took the Apple Watch to school.  Her school is a private school with a high percentage of kids who work for Microsoft.  The school computers are all Windows and Surface.  This school probably has the most amount of Windows Surface and Windows Phones.  Will the Windows Phones have been fading out.  2 years ago if you had a parent employed at Microsoft then you had a Windows Phone.  Now, the kids are almost all on iPhones.

One of the reasons why kids have migrated off of Windows Phones according my knowledgeable source, my daughter is the kids with Windows phones couldn't use snapchat.  Looking up what kids were using was 6Snap for Snapchat.  Most of these kids had no idea they were not using Snapchat official app.  So when Snapchat enforced the removal of 3rd party apps on the Windows Phone store.  Snapchat support was gone.  And, kids pushed their parents for iPhones.

So, at school on May 1, my daughter was the 2nd kid at school with an Apple Watch.  She had kids think the watch cost $5,000.  Some thought $25,000. The one other kid who had one said that one cost $350 which is correct.  The perception of the Apple Watch is interesting.

My daughter said she had problems using the Apple Watch at school.  Asking a few more questions, it turns out she turned off bluetooth on her phone when at school which I then explained means the Apple Watch doesn't communicate to her iPhone. 

By 4p when she got home the Apple Watch was down to 10% which means she was playing around with it a lot at school.  We charged it up.  Unpaired it.  And paired it to my iPhone.  Then went to Malt and Vine for Deschutes Abyss tasting.

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    We're getting stoked about our @DeschutesBeer 'The Abyss' Vertical tasting Tonight!

I caught up with some ski friends who happened to work for Amazon Web Services and Microsoft. My one AWS friend just got an iPhone 6 plus, upgrading from his Windows Phone.  Yes he was Microsoft (17 yrs).  Another AWS guy has an Apple Watch on order, and is thinking of changing his order to the 38mm from the 42mm.

The Apple Watch is convenient to see the time if you stopped using a wrist watch, seeing messages, e-mail.  My daughter has tried some of the fitness apps.  My son has the Apple Watch for the weekend.  He is sending text msgs to friend and family.  He has dyslexia and will approach the use of the watch differently than I or my daughter.  On Monday my daughter gets the watch.  On Tues I get the watch back as I travel to SJC.

One of the things I am curious about is how having an Apple Watch changes your use of the iPhone.