A Story of Rebuilding a Steinway, reminds me of the hidden complexity in Data Centers

For those of you who subscribe to Amazon Prime you can watch "American Grand." The web site for the movie is here.  http://www.pianomovie.com


One of the stories coming across from the main character Richard Davenport is how there are barriers between those who play pianos and those who make and maintain pianos.

Most pianist are ignorant about their instrument and as a group they are more uninformed than players of other musical instruments.

Take this quote and modify it to .

"Most cloud staff are ignorant about their hardware environments and as a group they are more uniformed than other technology developers of the technology they deploy on."

You could say it is because that is because it is the cloud and they shouldn't care.  After watching American Grand, another view you may have is some of greatest race care drivers have intimate knowledge of how their cars are made and maintained.

The best cloud infrastructure executives are curious about all the details and care.

Maybe only those who are driven to be the best care about the details they cannot see.