Will I go to DCD Internet July 30-31, 2015 in SF? Yes - Speakers Look Good

DatacenterDynamics built its events on being in many cities around the world.  They have scaled back and their next US event is in SF on July 30-31.  Looking at the speaker list convinced me it was worth going to.  What you will not find is Uptime Institute, 451 Group, or Gartner on the speaker list.  They are competitors.  Is it really that bad that you don't have analysts there presenting?  All to often they are trying to sell you on their services.  (So glad I stopped doing that analyst stuff years ago.  Was not fun and too many times you would just make up stuff to support the sale.)  :-)

It is interesting that Uptime Institute is planning on going to Dallas from Santa Clara in 2016 whereas DCD is sticking to SF one of its most popular shows.  Here is a list of DCD's shows.

The other indicator of how well the show is doing financially are the # of sponsors.  I had written about the sponsors at 7x24 Exchange vs. Uptime Symposium. http://www.greenm3.com/gdcblog/2015/5/18/uptime-symposium-vs-7x24-exchange-sponsors.

Below is the DCD sponsor list.  Now some of you may want to go to a show with less sponsors, but those sponsorship dollars is what help pays for the event.