Writing again - The Big 5 - GAFAM - Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft

I have taken a long break from writing. Waiting for something that had my interest.

What I find interesting is how Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft are driving things in the data center industry.  I've been calling this group the Big 5.  Using the letters from each you can say GAFAM.  There are a references out there on the term GAFAM meaning these 5.

Conveniently I find I cross paths with many employees of GAFAM.  I live in Redmond, working at Microsoft 1992 - 2006.  In the area there are many Amazon employees. Most of my business trips are to SJC where I'll run into Google, Apple, and Facebook employees.  Many of these people don't work in the data center groups, but I can figure out whether there is a relationship between what these people do and the data center teams.

This post is a small step to start writing again.  And writing about something that has my interests.

I like many others are kind of bored with the data center news.