A good idea works small and big, Chris Crosby’s Network Mesh Slide

In Chris Crosby’s presentation at Fall 7x24 Exchange conference Chris had a hidden point that was powerful but not explained to the audience.  Here is what I posted about Chris’s talk http://www.greenm3.com/gdcblog/2017/10/17/chris-crosby-7x24exchange-hyperscale-dc-network-mesh

The slide that I didn’t mention is below. 


Chris uses this to discuss clusters and network in the building.  If you focus on the first two points you can expand the idea to networking beyond buildings.


Chris was telling people how they can apply networking ideas to an individual building and to all buildings that are in the network mesh, including colo, CDN/POP. All these physical buildings participate in the network mesh and designing for network mesh in a building applies to the colocation and POP locations as well, but few unify the efforts thinking of the physical and logical components of physical infrastructure that support the network mesh.