Structure Conference SF, Nov 14-15 2017 Is coming back to SF and so many of my ex-GigaOm friends are there and some of top data center executives

On the 2nd day is the following line up. 

9:30A Global Infrastructure for 2 Billion People

What can we say? Who in their right mind does not want to talk to the person in charge of the Facebooks infrastructure? When you have to deliver services to 2 Billion people and plan ahead for things like VR services and IoT, your job is to push vendor infrastructure to the edge of it’s envelope and when that does not go further you create your own solutions. Unique problems to Facebook? Not forever… one day these cutting edge problems unique to Facebook will be the problems of F500 companies as they catch up. So take notes. A regular contributor to the Structure community, this year Jay will talk about Facebook’s approach to connectivity and in-house designed data centers including some specifics on next-generation networking systems. Not to be missed. Speaker:
Jay Parikh
Head of Engineering and Infrastructure, FacebookModerated By:
Stacey Higginbotham, Editor, SKT Labs

9:50Google: In Search of The Perfect Infrastructure

Urs is in charge of one of the most spectacular and innovative cloud infrastructures on this planet. Urs has the reins on Google’s infrastructure and is deciding where it will go next. A company that through sheer need and brilliance of it’s team has defined and redefined cloud technologies as a competitive advantage since it’s first major funding round. There is much to be learned from Urs and in this fireside chat we look at how the past year is redefining Google’s infrastructure strategy for the coming years. Speaker:
Urs Hölzle
Senior VP, Technical Infrastructure & Google Fellow, GoogleModerated By:
Tom Krazit, Cloud Computing Editor, GeekWire

10:10Future Cloud Architectures: Microservices, Containers, Edge and "Lambda"

Adrian has worn many hats in his career. The most prominent was as CTO of Netflix, where it can be argued that he architected the 1st enterprise grade public cloud deployment that set the pattern and standard for future deployments. Now as the architect at the platform (AWS) on which Netflix’s infrastructure success was built, we sit him down to talk about how new trends in microservices, containers, edge computing and serverless “lambda” compute will affect enterprise deployments. Hear insights from his thinking and use them to shape your near term strategy. Speaker:
Adrian Cockcroft
VP of Cloud Architecture, Amazon Web ServicesModerated By:
Stacey Higginbotham, Editor, SKT Labs


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