Oracle Cloud is aggressively hiring

I have lived in Seattle, well actually Redmond for 25 years and I have no plans on moving. I was given an offer by Microsoft to leave Apple in 1992 and I said to myself, "something is going on in Redmond and the only way I am going to find out is to move there. If I don't like it I'll leave."

With Microsoft's strength in software it supported an ecosystem that made it easy for Amazon to create Amazon Web Services, hiring some top Microsoft people while importing many others. Now the Seattle area is a Cloud Hub with Google, Salesforce, and so many others.

What is a little known fact is Oracle is hiring aggressively for its cloud group and I know so many ex-Microsoft people who now work for Oracle. Bet you they never thought when they left Microsoft they would eventually end up at Oracle.

Here is the press release that says Oracle is hiring 5,000 people in the US for its cloud group.

This year, Oracle is hiring more than five-thousand new engineers, consultants, sales and support people into its rapidly growing cloud business. This injection of talent will help Oracle sustain the momentum in what is already the world’s fastest growing multi-billion dollar cloud business.

I need to have lunch with some of friends who are now at Oracle. I used to have lunch with friends who were at AWS when they first made the move.

We'll see how quickly Oracle expands its Cloud footprint.