Best Place to get your weekly IOT Dose - Stacey On IOT

I am biased in this post. I have known Stacey for years from GigaOm.  I would attend the GigaOm conferences as a blogger, then Stacey reached out thanks to Barton George recommending she contact me to discuss data centers.  In those early days we would geek out regularly discussing data centers. Through our own separate paths we have both arrived at IOT, but Stacey is way more into IOT than I am. Stacey has a web site and weekly podcast on IOT



I regularly listen to Stacey’s weekly podcast and many of friends do as well and we discuss points that Stacey has made. For example, GE’s decision to change its approach to Industrial IOT. One of my friends and I have had exposure to the GE team and we discussed the news that GE has changed its IOT strategy.

If you are interested in IOT and you have road or public transport time you should give a try to listen to Stacey on IOT. I usually listen to Stacey when I am on an hour long dog walk.