Google's data center AI puts safety first just like airplanes fly-by-wire while saving 30% of cooling energy

Google has a post on its latest application of AI from the Deepmind group to its data center cooling systems. The tech media nicely covered the post. Here is a full coverage link.

Google choose to emphasize the system was designed for safety as indicated in the title of their post.

Safety-first AI for autonomous data center cooling and industrial control

The following graphic illustrates the safety principles used like a fly-by-wire system. 

While traditional mechanical or hydraulic control systems usually fail gradually, the loss of all flight control computers immediately renders the aircraft uncontrollable. For this reason, most fly-by-wire systems incorporate either redundant computers (triplex, quadruplex etc.), some kind of mechanical or hydraulic backup or a combination of both. A “mixed” control system with mechanical backup feedbacks any rudder elevation directly to the pilot and therefore makes closed loop (feedback) systems senseless.[1]

It has been a pleasure watching Jim Gao make progress with with AI in data center cooling and you can bet there will be much more coming.