Take a test to measure your statistical and risk literacy

Running data centers and IT is so many times about making decisions related to risks. BBC has an article on risk and uncertainty.

Whether you are a doctor trying to decide whether to trial a new treatment, a CEO trying to forecast business post-Brexit, or you simply want to know how to interpret the weather forecast, the capacity to weigh up different potential outcomes is essential for good decision-making.

Unfortunately, many people are surprisingly bad at this. Luckily, a very short test – called the Berlin Numeracy Test – now allows you to assess your ability to cope with risk and uncertainty.

Before you read on, you might want to try the test yourself. It takes just five minutes to complete and at the end you will discover how your own “risk literacy” compares to the average person.
Click here to measure your risk literacy
— http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20180814-how-we-should-think-about-uncertainty

Here is a test the BBC article references. Dr. Edward Cokely is the sponsor of the research.

What is the purpose of this research? The purpose of this research is to advance the science for informed decision making, which aims to make information about the risks and consequences of decisions more intuitive and understandable for diverse decision makers.
— https://ousurvey.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_1XMoRYdGvZ7GdlH

I took the test at 3a in the morning when I couldn't go back to sleep. Pleasantly I got a perfect score. The study cautions me I should still take care and may want to double check your calculations or seek additional advice when ic comes to important decisions involving risks and statistics.

These are good words of advice for data center projects. It would be interesting if everyone took the test to give them feedback on their statistical and risk literacy.