7x24 Exchange Fall 2019 Keynote - Mike Massimino’s Words of Operational Wisdom

Mike Massimino gave the opening keynote at the Fall 2019 7x24 Exchange conference. Who is Mike Massimino? He sent the first tweet from outer space and SNL choose to add it to its routine.

Mike’s talk was entertaining as he used humor to intermix with words of wisdom he wanted to share.

Below Mike shares a picture when he is 8 years old dressed up like astronaut, his hero Neil Armstong.


On a more serious note Mike shared the importance of a diverse team and working together as a team. He shared his experience to pass the swimming tests and the challenges he had to pass the test. The change he shared is having the trainers telling him that the best swimmers should pair with the poor swimmers because no one is going home after the tests until everyone passes. Mike’s emphasis with knowing the team applies well to the data center industry as the best companies have the best teams.


Much of what Mike spoke about is in an article he wrote in Esquire that you can read here. Reading the article nicely added more words of wisdom.

In Mike’s keynote he shared the “oh crap” moment when he has a stripped screw that he cannot remove. His words of wisdom are “30 seconds of regret. Cap it and then move on. Remember you can make it worse. Stay engaged.”