7x24 Exchange Achieves Record Attendance

7x24 Exchange is a conference that I attended after data center friends suggested it is a great conference. I had not gone in the past as I had focused on data centers in the SF Bay Area, Las Vegas, or Seattle. Going to a DC conference that is held twice a year one in Florida (Spring) and the other inPhoenix (Fall) did not intersect with my normal travels. Thanks to the late David Schirmacher giving a personal invitation to myself and another data center executive we attended our first conference and the both of us still make a habit of attending and have witnessed first hand the following.

One of the things that 7x24 Exchange shares openly are its attendance numbers. Below is the latest picture.

OK. looks good. But the numbers displayed do not tell the story that is more interesting.


Let’s graph the data over 5 years. The blue line is spring conference. The orange line is the fall conference which is the one I am right now. The dotted lines are a linear plot, an averaging of the values.

The dotted blue line shows a flat trend for the East Coast Spring event, but the last event went above the trend line. Achieving a record attendance.

The dotted orange line is trending upwards with growth. Good. Well the attendance is above the trend line that is better than good. That is amazing for a data center event.

7x24 had two events back to back breaking attendance records going above the linear trend line.

If you plotted attendance for the other data center conferences they will not look this. But you do not know those numbers as no one wants to share their 5 year trending attendance.

JPEG image 2.jpeg

The graphics communicate the value people are finding in attending.