Audience Analysis of Green Data Centre Panel at IT Forum

Microsoft allowed us to have a panel discussion, but this panel was not meant as a product pitch.  We had wide industry interest in this subject, but we did not want to make this a product pitch for how companies have greenwashed their products.  See for a description of this practice.  Let the buyer beware.

As much as Green is topical, we had no idea how many people would attend the session.  Given IT Forum are the technical implementers, this was a good chance to see if the issues are getting down to this audience.

As much as we wanted to fill the room, we ended up with an attendance of less than 1% of the conference. The people who did attend were a still a good sample of getting read on the questions and interests.

We surveyed this sampling to see how many were implenting energy monitoring systems, and it was about 10% of the audience, but given these were people of the 1% who chose to attend the conference, then the number is probably less for the total audience.

The rest of questions and interactions indicated that we are still in the early stages of education and awareness, tranisitioning from the early adopters like Microsoft and Citibank's data centers to customers who are looking for best practices and tools.