A luxury of being an independent blogger vs. a media person - freedom from deadlines

If you interact with media writers at some point you'll get the comment "I don't have time now, I have a deadline."  I don't think I've ever told someone I have a deadline.  What is a deadline?

Here is a post on what deadlines mean to journalist.

I wonder how many journalist have used this line.

When under the gun, journalists put deadline before anything else in their lives, including friends, family and yes, even coital. There’s a reason why spouses of journalists are familiar with the saying, “Not tonight dear, I’m on deadline.” 


I have gone a week or more just not writing on this blog, taking a break.  Sometimes I'l go a day or two with no posts, then have a riff of 5 in an hour.

On the other hand the main thing in writing a blog is to be regular with what you write.  Daily, weekly, etc.  

I think after 26 years of corporate life, I enjoy the freedom to set my own pace.