Looking for a Data Center RFP Template? Here is one at CyrusOne website

If you are looking for a Data Center RFP template, there is one you can download from CyrusOne website.



Data Center Colocation RFP: 
Request for Proposal Template

Choosing a data center facility for colocation can be a daunting task even for the most well-informed buyer.

This Data Center RFP template has been developed using the collective experience of industry experts who have spent years helping prospects scope out data center solutions, finalize contracts, and confirm the use of industry best practices.

Save time and money.
Download this Data Center RFP Template to ensure you're asking the right questions for your colocation needs

A data center RFP, or Request for Proposal, is a precise document used to vet potential data center providers on your company's specific requirements.  Using this Data Center RFP template enables you to edit or delete sections from the template to reflect your organization's pre-determined criteria and customize it to specific business needs.

Selecting the right data center provider is critical step toward successfully outsourcing some of your IT infrastructure needs.

This RFP template is designed to help, and includes the following:

  • Data Center Provider Overview – understand what key company information to analyze to get experience and stability
  • Building/Property – determine how to properly gather all the needed technical and design specs on the different facilities
  • Data Center Space – gather key measures for current and future needs
  • Electrical & Cooling Specifications – understand key specs to gather to properly plan for power densities, power density, redundancies, configurations, cooling output and more detection
  • Network Services – avoid being locked into expensive connectivity agreements with little flexibility around carriers
  • Data Center Systems/Personnel – ask the key questions on environmental and security monitoring systems and procedures
  • Risk Overview – get critical information about the facilities location, history, and access
  • Availability Review – determine if the data center can scale as your business grows
  • Professional Services – uncover key partnerships and services you may need in the future
  • Pricing and Terms – understand key lease differences and the hidden costs they contain